The Age of Innocence


An enchanting Christian Lacroix haute couture layered silk wedding gown with ruffled tulle and a draping veil held in place by a jewel headpiece features in the editorial ‘The Glorious Traditions’ which was photographed by legend Irving Penn for Vogue US December 1995


| Les parapluies de Cherbourg |

New York and Paris by Garancé Doré

"This is where I grew up." The look she gives Don at the end; that look of understanding coupled with anger, compassion and suspicion; almost had us bursting into tears, it was that effective. She may never forgive him for what he did, but there’s some small part of her that understands him better. But will she run away from it like so many do when they glimpse the truth of Don? | Tom & Lorenzo Mad Men: In Care Of


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'Creation' Ensemble

Christian Dior designed by John Galliano

Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2005

John Galliano’s creation looks like a garment in the process of becoming. The muslin bodice suggests tailors forms, while layers of fabric attached provisionally to the corset suggest the intital stages of the design process. Traditionally hidden interior details, such as grosgrain wist tapes, bust pads, and tulle underskirts, are exposed, transforming structure into ornament. Galliano’s shifting of a padded bra cup from the bust to the hip is an ironic reference to Dior’s 1950s ‘New Look’ silhouette  which relied on the padding of the bust and hips, as well as on the cinching of the waist for its pronounced curvilinear silhouette.


NYC Ballet - A Day in the Life

An office job vs. the job of a ballerina

Genius promotion for New York City Ballet’s Young Patron Circle!